Users can view all upcoming sessions here. After clicking on the scheduled session, the details page of the session will open, and from there, users can Reschedule or cancel the session.

Note: Lesson cancellation or rescheduling must be made within 4 hours before the class starts. Example: If the class is at 4 p.m., the student must cancel or reschedule by 12 p.m. If they choose to cancel after 12 p.m, no make-up credits will be credited to them. They should not be allowed to reschedule a class through the app(hiding the rescheduling button) if it is past 12 p.m. as well. They would have to call the centre. Students are also only allowed to pick a date to reschedule 31 days from the day they decide to reschedule.

The user can navigate to the lesson booking page by clicking the bottom right corner plus button on the Schedule page.

Lesson Booking

Video Guide: Lesson Booking

From here on, users have two options: the first is makeup; by clicking on the makeup option, they can book a makeup lesson, and the second is the complimentary option, by clicking on which they can book a complimentary credit lesson.

The user can select the active students, and then the user will select the instrument and teacher. After selecting all of these things, the user will select the available schedule dates from the calendar, which depend on the teacher's availability, and after that, he will select time slots, then finalise the details that they selected, and after that, they will confirm the lessons.


The user can check the makeup minutes available to him and book lessons on the basis of those makeup minutes.

Users cannot book makeup lessons if the balance is zero.


The user can check the complimentary minutes available to him and book lessons on the basis of those complimentary minutes.

Users cannot book complimentary lessons if the complimentary balance is zero.

Reschedule Lesson(s)

Video Guide:  Reschedule Lesson(s)

Users can reschedule their lessons based on the availability of the teacher or slots.

Rescheduling lesson within 4 hours of scheduled time slot:


To apply a filter to the schedule displayed, the user can click on the filter button . The app will now display the filter criteria the user can select to refine their schedule results.

Cancel Lesson(s)

Video Guide: Cancel Lesson(s)

Users can cancel the lessons they have scheduled after giving the cancellation reason. And users can also cancel multiple lessons.

Cancellation of Lesson within 4 hours of scheduled time slot:

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