Users can see the overview of the remaining minutes for make-up or complimentary in their account. Users can access and review their personal information as well as the details and enrolments of associated students. Additionally, users have the ability to add or modify their payment details and view invoices.

Personal Details

To view the detailed information about the account, the users can click on the top section that contains their name and email address. 

In the personal details page, the users are able to see more information containing their name, gender, email, nationality and their address. 


Users can click on the make-up credits dashboard to view their make-up credits history.


Users can click on the ‘Students’ button to view the list of students associated with the account.

The users would be shown the list of students associated in their account.

Upon clicking on either of the students, the users would be able to see the student details which contains the student name, gender, school and the current enrolment.

Avatar Selection

The user is able to set an avatar to associate the student. By clicking on the ‘Edit’ button, the options to pick the avatar will appear. 

The user is able to pick from the 4 different characters. 

Once the user picks an avatar from the list, the avatar would get updated and will be reflected throughout the screens that display the student.


The users are able view the enrolments details by clicking on the information under the Enrolments.

Upon clicking on the enrolment, the user would be shown the full details of the student's enrolment. The enrolment details contains lesson type, lesson day, regular time, duration, location, teacher name, enrolment status, package details which includes the package name, package price and the next billing date.


The users can view their billing details on the Account page by clicking on the ‘Billing’ button.


In the billing page, the user can see their invoice details. On clicking any item from the list, the user would be navigated to the specific invoice to view more details.

In the invoice page, the user can see more information about their invoice such as invoice issued date, status of the invoice, total cost, payment details containing the date, payment amount and the payment method. On clicking the ‘View PDF’ button, the user would be directed to a web page containing the detailed information of the invoice in PDF format.

The user is able view the full breakdown of the invoice and is able to download the PDF version of the invoice to their device.

Debit/Credit Card Addition/Update

In the billing page, the user is able to add or update their credit/debit card information in the application.

By clicking the ‘ADD CARD’, a dialog would appear to prompt the user to enter their card number, expiration date, and the CVC.

Once the user has entered all the information for the card and pressed the ‘ADD CARD’, their card details would get updated in the application. 

If the users would like to change their credit/debit card information, they can do so by pressing the ‘EDIT CARD’ button and updating the information.


To logout of the application, the user can navigate to the Account page and click on the ‘LOGOUT’ button to logout of the application. A confirmation logout page would appear.

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